A Few January Thoughts


Southern Home Bakery January Thoughts


Greetings from the survivors of #ABakeryChristmas2019! 😂

Y'all, things were wild. Nights were late. But the laughs and creativity were flowing for sure! In all seriousness, we are SO grateful for your support and considered it an absolute privilege to bake for you as you shared with your families during the holidays.

Creating cookies that are equal parts beautiful and yummy is a daily joy for us. We are so glad to be a part of this College Park community!

So glad, in fact, that I decided to buy my first house right here. Hello, home ownership! It's been so sweet to live in this neighborhood and WOW the commute couldn’t be better. I’m just giddy about it and happy to work and play in this lovely corner of the world.

With this, one of my intentions for the year is to be purposeful with my home. I want to walk out the value of hospitality that I claim is so important. Not the kind of hospitality that is impressive and exhausting, but the kind where the door is always open and coziness is felt inside.

So far, this has looked like my SHB team watching The Bachelor on the couch with a carton of ice cream and Magic Shell (SO good)! It’s also looked like celebrating a friend’s birthday with some Target decorations and a store-bought charcuterie board.

Getting to know our neighbors can seem daunting, right? But simply sharing some cookies started a conversation for me and the kind couple next door.

What are some other ways we can be intentional with the people we're doing life with in and around our home? Will you join me in being purposeful to make every day special and to make people feel welcomed?

Sharing some cookies and some laughs is a darn good way to brighten a day.

So, here’s to a very bright 2020! 

- Catherine