Celebrate the Unexpected šŸ„°

Valentine's Day Cookies Southern Home Bakery Orlando Florida

There are lots of mixed feelings about Valentineā€™s Day and for good reason.Ā It can seem forced and expected and overall, like just a cheesy holiday.

So in the spirit of switching it up, it is fun to think of someone unexpected in your life that you can celebrate. This celebration is nothing major, just a note or a coffee or even a Cookie Carton to arrive at their door. We may try to do this at Christmas but often there are so many people to give to that it feels overwhelming.

Who is one person that you can acknowledge simply to bring delight to their day?Ā 

For me, Iā€™mĀ sending a Cookie Carton to my sister, Caroline. She lives in Tampa with her husband and has high school girls over to her home on the weekly. I think this surprise will make her smile and give her something easy to share with the people in her home.

At the core, it's about making people we love feel seen and cared for. And thatā€™s the goal for this Valentineā€™s day. (And well, maybe to get a date too ;) )