Welcoming Fall, SHB Style

Friends, we are so ready for this new season!

It’s so much fun for our bakers to pull out some cookie cutters that haven’t had much action in awhile. It's equally exciting for our decorators to create new designs. From fall leaves to patterned pumpkins, we love all the fall cookie creations!

Plus, we may be drinking a PSL while working and we’re not mad about that!

At the bakery and in my personal life, baking has a lot to do with the change of seasons. Here in Florida, the weather doesn’t always cooperate...but baking was something we could control. Growing up, my mom’s recipes with pumpkin and baked bread would make the house smell like cinnamon. The warm flavors made our home cozy and our stomachs full.

The reasons I love fall are more about what's inside the house than out. (Plus, football on the TV never hurt.)

Now that we are in September, this is the ideal time to add some fall joy to your home! If you just aren’t feeling inspired yet, I think our Fall Seasonal Set is just the thing to get you into the fall spirit!

This collection of cookies is available for a limited time and includes 8 decorated, fall cookies and 4 packs of dots. Here's a photo:

These cookies are perfect to send to a friend or spread out on the counter for your family while the weather is still hot and times are still hard. The fun, fall cookies will be a delightful treat at the end of the day or in the morning with coffee…we won’t tell anyone! 😉

You can order the Fall Seasonal Set here. It’s never been easier to get your hands on a gorgeous, easy-to-share seasonal product that will inspire hospitality and create memorable moments with your people. 

Happy Fall, friends!