Five Years of SHB (& How We're Celebrating!)

Happy Birthday Southern Home Bakery!

Y’all, let the celebrations begin! This time 5 years ago, I was working my last shifts as a nurse, ready to take this side hustle full time. It was a scary step, but mostly so exciting to get to chase this business dream! I had plans and hopes for sure, but I never imagined it would be this great! In those early days when it was just a one woman show, I couldn’t even anticipate the creativity and laughter that was to come. There’s been a lot of challenges and difficulties, but growing this business with this team I call my friends has provided some of the most joy of my life.

And really the best is yet to come! 

And speaking of what’s to come…..CUPCAKES are now a featured item at Southern Home Bakery! I absolutely love cake and our team is thrilled to offer Vanilla, Chocolate and Hummingbird cupcakes with buttercream and cream cheese frostings, of course!

Cupcakes are just one of the additions on our BRAND NEW WEBSITE! Have you seen it? She’s beautiful and will make it even easier for you to order your favorites and see what’s happening at The Bake. Getting to create beautiful and delicious treats for our people is just the best!

This business wouldn’t be here with out you. Thank you for ordering cookies, supporting us on social, bringing your smiles into the bakery and encouraging us daily! These past couple of years, we have really felt the love and support of this community and I am so thankful!

We want y’all to get in on the celebrations so for the first time ever, we are running a BOGO Cookie Carton! We seriously never do this. If you subscribe by August 31st, you will receive the September AND October Cookie Carton! This is the SHB subscription box which includes 6 decorated sugar cookies, 4 gourmet cookies and 4 packs of dots to be delivered right to your door! Just subscribe to the month-to-month plan and use code "HBDSHB" at checkout.

Here's to the next 5 years friends! 


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