SHB turns 3! Celebrating with a trip down memory lane đź’–

It was three years ago this month that I shook things up and launched a business.

This dream was born in me long before that, though. When I was a little girl, I played bakery at my Grandmom’s house. I called myself “Betty Crocker” as I baked cakes and decorated them with fake flowers I found around the house.

That wasn’t enough for me, because I also pretended to run the bakery. My Grandmom gave me receipt paper and old invoice forms and I wrote orders. 

I loved pretending to run the business just as much as I enjoyed making the cake. My Grandmom affectionately called me “Betty Brocker” and we still laugh today about the irony of all of this. 

Growing up, food was the center of every gathering and a bright spot in each day. I believe to my core that to open your home is to open yourself. The women in my family modeled this for me and it's a value I try to live by. I want to chase memories, and my favorite ones are spent in my home. I just adore a cozy home filled with laughter, good treats and sweet friends.

Whether our cookies are a fancy favor or a sweet afternoon treat, they really are just the vehicle for the memories being made. 

I feel really strongly about these cookies, y'all! They are soft, not too sweet and look like little pieces of art. But it’s about more than just cookies. It’s a custom treat that we want you to share with your favorite people. We hope you feel the joy we have when creating these cookies because let me tell you, the laughter and creativity in the bakery everyday is absolute gold. 

As a little girl playing “Betty Brocker” I didn’t know how good, how hard and most importantly - how rewarding this bakery really could be. 

THANK YOU for your support, kind words and encouragement these past three years. We genuinely do a high kick for just about every order because it wouldn’t be possible without you.

People say your work should be separate from your life but it’s not for me. This is my life that I love and I am so grateful you are a part of it, too! 

Happy third birthday to my bakery baby! I think “Betty Brocker” would be proud.