Happy Easter!

I’m the kinda girl who is listening to Christmas music just about all year long, I know its weird! I just find these great albums and I can’t help myself! Shout out to "A Peace Project" by Hillsong.

While the majority of Christmas music is just a fun jingle, I find some stuff really worshipful. That’s why I like it all year - because it brings me back to the truth. Life’s not about me and this is a great reminder.

When it comes to Easter traditions, making fun Easter cookies and eating marshmallow salad are just the best. Side note, only southern women could make something with marshmallows and call it salad haha! But this season is about a whole heck of a lot more than these traditions. In the craziness of life and running a business, it’s easy to lose sight of this. But I’m grateful there is more to this life, right?

So, we’d love to bake for your Easter table but really - we’re just thankful to be in this community with you and so glad for grace every day. This weekend, enjoy the family time, invite people in and we’ll do the same.

Happy Easter, my friends!