How we stay creative (& have a ton of fun!)

It’s not surprising that we have quite the creative team here at SHB.

But how do we foster this creative energy and stay inspired? One word - culture. Our incredible team of women here at the bakery is intentional about being excitable and loud and life giving and we just wouldn't have it any other way.

It really helps that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Don't get me wrong - we are very serious about our work. But boy do we laugh at ourselves, and each other, a LOT! Being quick to laugh is a core value and these women are so funny that it makes this standard easy to live by. We also listen to a ton of great music and often perform for each other. Yes, perform. It's not unusual for someone to reenact a classic Disney song, using the broom as a prop. (I’m looking at you, Brooke!)

We're also really competitive and enjoy making a game out of anything. A great example of this is the tiny, bright yellow duck that somehow ended up here in the bakery. Y'all, when I say this duck is's only about a centimeter long. We take turns hiding this silly thing around the bakery and are all on the hunt to find it (in between decorating cookies, of course.) We love any chance to play and to win, even in a made up game. 

When it comes to cookie design, nothing excites us more than new techniques or finding unique ways to utilize the tools and products we have. Our latest favorite is the airbrush! It's so fun to see the effect it gives with shading or stencils that really make the colors pop. Anytime we learn a new technique or dust off an old one, we just can’t wait to show you!

Here are some of our favorite airbrushed designs:

Popcorn Decorated Sugar Cookies   Hamburger and Hot Dog Decorated Sugar Cookies 

P.S. - Did you know we have a Tik Tok? These fun videos allow us to showcase behind the scenes moments and how-to videos so you can see some of this creativity in action. It’s also a platform where we can be a little more silly and unscripted. And hey, you may even see some of our antics with the tiny, yellow duck. 😉