It all started with an idea...

...and now it's a reality!

Friends, you have blown us away with your support & excitement for the Cookie Carton! Creating a subscription box was a dream born in me over 18 months ago. Before the idea of owning a boutique bakery and a growing all the pieces of this puzzle are coming together!

It was so important to me to create something delicious that could inspire hospitality and be effortlessly shared among friends and family. It is pure joy that so many of you are in on that with us!

Let me tell y’all about my team, supporting this dream of mine and bringing it to life! Their drive & creativity makes this place special. We love this little community and are so happy to bring you a product that is beautiful, different & so yummy! Thank you for buying into this small biz and into us, too. We are thrilled to serve the central Florida community and beyond.

So thank you, friend. It is a blessing to get to bake for you at Southern Home Bakery! 

P.S. - If you haven’t yet, you can order your Cookie Carton here. If you order before Monday, July 15, use code "FIRSTBOXFREE."

The first shipment will go out mid-July & every month after, you will receive your box at the beginning of the month. This is so you can enjoy the themed treats ALL month long! We hope the Cookie Carton will make hospitality easy & your everyday special!

Enjoy, friends! 


Catherine & the SHB team