Nurse to baker…Whoa that’s a big jump.

"Nurse to baker…Whoa that’s a big jump."


So many people have said this to me when they hear my story. I thought I was going to be a nurse from a young age, when I was a little middle schooler and someone asked me about a dream career. But really nursing wasn’t a dream, it was a plan to benefit me toward my dream of motherhood. To be honest, I didn’t have a career dream or even a vision of what loving my work could look like.


Y’all, the Lord’s plans for us are so much bigger than we could ask or imagine. And when he puts that dream in your heart, He will bring it to fruition. This love of baking, of sharing hospitality, isn’t a new thing. Actually, it’s one of the oldest things in me. My family always modeled an open door policy of sharing our home, a warm meal or a sweet pie with others. Whether someone was going through something hard or wonderful, we would bake for them and deliver a sweet treat to show care for the people we love. In college, girls in my sorority would ask me to throw their 21st parties because I would make food and they felt guaranteed people would come. This was no burden for me but rather a joy to open my home (apartment J) and bake for my friends. Southern hospitality was in my blood, but never did I think I could build my life around this passion.


I am grateful every day for the opportunity to serve my people through Southern Home Bakery. And now that dream has grown to include Cookie Cousins and I’m beyond grateful. Making it easier and inspiring another woman to open her home and be intentional to share with her people is such a sweet joy to me. Whether it’s lemon squares to finish off Sunday night dinner with your family or decorated cookies perfect for a party, the art of Southern hospitality is not lost and for that, I am thankful.   


So basically, this life I’m living is no big jump or surprise at all to me and least of all to God. It’s just building a career based on this purpose and joy deep within me. I’m excited to let y’all in a little closer as I live out this passion and dream in my heart through Southern Home Bakery. I’m willing to share the struggle and the joy as a young entrepreneur with big goals. I can’t wait to see and share the growth and excitement with all of you. For everyone who has encouraged, ordered and prayed for me, THANK YOU! Please don’t stop. I’m grateful for you and excited to walk through this journey with y’all.