Summertime at SHB

Happy Summer, Friends!

Who doesn’t love summer? I’ve always adored this season. The slower pace, warm (let's be real, HOT!) weather and my June Birthday always made the summer extra special.

This is no different at the bakery. This team of women have become my best friends and made me feel so loved! Celebrating a birthday as an adult feels funny sometimes, but the light-hearted joy these girls bring into the bakery every day made it tons of fun! 

Here's what else is happening around the Bake this summer season: 

  • Recipe Testing

With the slower pace, space is allowed for growing, expanding and RECIPE TESTING. This is one of the best parts of the job and is really a team effort. I have wanted to add this particular product to our offerings for a long time and when my team caught wind of this idea, they were all about it! We have been testing, refining and tasting our new recipes to make sure they are perfect. We are bursting to share this with you and I think you’re gonna really love it!

Coming soon friends, I promise! 

  • Second Location in Winter Garden

This summer was really kicked off with the signing of our second location in Winter Garden! This is such a dream come true for me. Southern Home Bakery Winter Garden will allow us another location for full production of our decorated sugar cookies and bakery favorites!

The bakery is right on Plant Street, so we are thrilled to be a part of all the action and serve the WG community. This space will be a little smaller, but FULL of life and creativity. Plus, we get to design and build every detail. This buildout will take several months, but we will keep you updated on a Grand Opening date and cannot wait to celebrate with you!

We will be sharing all things #BuildingTheBake on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. We would love for you to follow along with us there! To think that this little dream of mine has grown into 2 locations with 2 teams of women is just so amazing and I’m beyond grateful.

  • Christmas Preparations

For the last little bit of crazy, summertime means prepping for Christmas! I know this seems wild. But Fall and Christmas seasons are so full, we begin stocking and preparing in any way possible. Again, this is a huge team effort but really pays off and helps us to serve our people well in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

That’s a peek into summer at the Bake!

We are so grateful for your support and the opportunity to bake for you in this season too!