The Shepherd Radio Interview

Hi friends,

After sharing so much of this business with you and baking for so many of you, y’all really do feel like friends! We love taking you behind the scenes and sharing the backstory of Southern Home Bakery. I recently shared more of my story with The Shepherd for a segment on their radio show and podcast.

On the show, I shared my perspective on business and the importance of taking small steps toward the bigger dream. The process is slow and definitely not glamorous, but I’ve seen the seemingly insignificant steps build something beautiful.

Many of you know that I worked as a nurse prior to starting a business, but even in college I had a love for hospitality and a stirring for how I could incorporate that into my little apartment life. Those desires for hospitality and making ordinary days special seemed fun and flippant at the time, but they were very foundational for me. My upbringing and my family inspired my business and it is special to share more of those details with you!

My story is covered in grace and guided by my relationship with Jesus. This began at a young age and is the foundation for my life and my identity. It was really special to share this piece of my story.

If you’d like to hear more, you can listen on the podcast linked here.


The Shepherd Orlando Radio Interview Southern Home Bakery


The Shepherd Orlando Radio Interview